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Ipad 2017 procreate

There are so many different models of iPads these days that it can be really hard to decide which model to get. Which iPad Specs are Important? Understanding Display Differences. If you can afford it, then the answer to this is pretty easy. Get this one. Straight from the sourcethe latest version of Procreate Version 5 is compatible with the following models links to currently available models are provided :.

Without getting into the technical nuts and bolts about what RAM Random Access Memory is, the bottom line here is the more is better. So, the higher the number the better i.

With Procreate specifically, the importance of RAM is that, for any given canvas size like a 2,px x 2,px square canvasthe more RAM you have, the more layers that you can use.

Like RAM, this one is actually pretty easy. With a higher Capacity, you can install more apps, store more photos, videos, Procreate drawings, books, etc. If you mostly use your iPad to surf the internet, check email. To give you an idea of how much extra space you get at the various capacity sizes, I created the comparison below. Each block represents 32 GB of memory capacity. Each row represents capacity sizes offered in various iPad models.

If you want the absolutely maximum capacity possible, 1TB offers lots of storage space but comes at a high cost premium. There are differences, but I believe you really only notice them if you closely compared the screens on 2 different devices side by side.

Which iPad should I get for Procreate?

The table below summarizes the key specs for the iPad models mentioned in Section 1 of this article. When I confirmed that RAM was the primary spec that impacted how many canases you could use in a Procreate drawing, I was curious to identify what difference the amount of RAM would actually make.

For all of the iPads that I had access to, I created canvases of increasingly large size resolution in Procreate until the program returned an error that that canvas was too large. For each canvas resolution i. I multiplied the width and height of each canvas to get an overall resolution and converted to megapixels MP for easier to read numbers i. The table below shows a comparison of how many layers can be used for 3 different canvas resolution on devices with 3 different RAM configurations.

Summarizing one of the examples above, if I wanted to draw on a 3, pixel by 3, pixel square canvas a fairly high resolution, but not unreasonable in Procreate, I have a maximum of:. How many layers can you expect to actually use? That depends on your individual process and how much flexibility you want to modify and make changes to your art.

The more you separate your work into different layers, the more easily you can alter individual parts. Recent versions of Procreate have included support for creating animations in the app. Each layer becomes and animation cells so if you have an interest in usign this functionaly, you should consider an iPad with as much RAM as possible. As of Nov.Last Updated on January 22, by Husain Parvez. When looking for the best iPad for Procreate available on the market right now, you might need to put in some thought based on your personal needs.

Artists are the essence of the human civilization, and long before we could even communicate, there has been the art of creativity etched all over in the form of cave paintings. From the masterpiece by Michelangelo to the creativity exhibited by graphic designers and modern painters — we certainly have come a long way.

ipad 2017 procreate

Technology certainly has been pivotal in allowing the creative minds to express themselves on the digital canvas, in the form of drawing pads that have made it possible for designers and artists alike to effortlessly create artwork in the form of sketches, drawings, beautiful designs, and so much more.

When the Apple iPad was first released, it was meant to be a family-friendly entertainment device, but as the demand for tablets has diminished Apple has directed it towards the creative audience.

ipad 2017 procreate

With the release of the very first Apple iPad Pro inalong with Apple Pencil drawing stylus, users finally had a mainstream tablet for artists that were not only aesthetically pleasing but had the features to back it.

A complementing feature to the Apple iPad has been a suite of apps for artists, one of which is Procreate by Savage Interactivethat has taken the world of designing by storm. The award-winning app for iOS has been around from even before the iPad Pro came out, allowing artists to reproduce paintings, digital sketches, and some powerful illustrations on the move.

However, for someone who has just gotten the hang of the virtual design studio app, deciding which one is the best iPad for artists can be a nightmare, especially with not many variants to pick from.

After days of reviewing the hardware specifications, understanding the software features of the older, and the newer models of the iPad and iPad Prowe came to the conclusion that when it comes to the iPad for Procreate one size does not fit all. The choice you will end up making to stoke your creative side with the help of an Apple iPad, entirely depends on the usage pattern you have. If you ever wondered what it would be like to own a MacBook Pro with a touch screen, the iPad Pro Sporting the revered Liquid Retina display that brings in a sharpened color accuracy to the pictures all around the edge-to-edge screen, it is the ProMotion Hz refresh rate that takes it all to the next level.

Designed to work seamlessly with the Apple Pencil 2, the iPad Pro In collaboration with the ProMotion display, the dynamic refresh rate speeds things up when operating designing apps such as Procreate, and automatically slows it all down when enjoying a video on the extra-large screen.

In terms of processing power, the A12Z Bionic chip packed inside is an octa-core variant of the same one found in the model, makes photo editing, sketching and digital painting slippery smooth.

Just a tad bit larger than the iPad Air, yet significantly more powerful and feature-packed, the iPad Pro inch is not, by any means, a compromise when it comes down to the performance.

Choosing the Best iPad for Procreate – Buyer’s Guide 2021

You still get the ultra-HD resolution with the vivid and crisp Liquid Retina display, supported by the ProMotion Hz refresh rate that is the epitome of artistic expectations from a tablet.

Despite the smaller display screen and smaller battery capacity, you will still be able to enjoy around 10 hours of screen-on time from the iPad Pro, as the similar A12Z Bionic chips fire up every pixel-pushing task in the foreground and the background. While it is more affordable than its Back in the day when Apple released the iPad Air, it was meant to be nothing more than a premium, yet lighter version of the mainstream tablet, but the reboot does so much more, giving it a spot on the list for the Procreate ipads and other designing apps.

Coming in hot at a screen size of What the iPad Air loses in the form of its display, the tablet more than makes up with the A12 chipset, which may not rival the A12Z Bionic variant, but certainly does stand down either.

HOW TO DRAW SKETCH portrait. IPAD PRO + Procreate + Apple Pencil by

Running even the more process-intensive apps and services all at once does not see to faze the iPad Air one bit, and the compatibility of the Apple Pencil 1 is just the right tool to wield for all of your drawing and illustration needs. Albeit, the iPad Air design is the same that it has been sincewhich makes look a bit dated, and larger bezels increases to overall form factor too, but the fact that it weighs feathery light enough to be easily carried around anywhere, is only made better by the budget-friendly price at which it is offered.

Over the years, the demand for tablets, in general, has fallen dramatically, let alone the 7. Packing a laminate screen over the Liquid Retina display, changed the image of the iPad Mini from being an obsolete tablet, into one of the best iPad for artists that was ultra-portable and, yet packed with enough hardware prowess to take on heavy-duty apps.

When comparing the Apple iPad Mini and the iPad Air side by side, the only differentiating factor is the display size, which may not be the best for full-fledged sketching and general illustrations, but would certainly be more comfortable to hold and use on the subway or on a bus ride. The A12 Bionic processor is adequate enough to manage renders, motion images, and even some video editing, while the compatibility with the Apple Pencil 1 ensures that you always have a screen to doodle over, no matter where you are.

Yet, it is the lowest priced iPad on the list, so that artists and designers can creatively express themselves on the smaller digital canvas. Since the Apple Pencil 2 is only compatible with the newer iPad Pro variants, you will need it to make the most out of the sensitive stylus that at effectively recognizes tilt and pressure when applied to the True Tone display.

Additionally, the high sRGB ratio and a whopping Hz refresh rate of the screen makes it ideal for illustrations and motion graphics of all sorts. Although the people behind Procreate have designed the studio app to be used with the Apple Pencil to make the most out of its features of accumulation, flow, tilt, and azimuth.

However, for best results, the app should be used with any third-party stylus pen that is supported by the Apple iPad. The present version of the Procreate app is available for use on the all of the following version of the Apple iPad and iPad Pro:. To find out if your iPad supports the Apple Pencil or not, the first thing you need to do is find out the version of your iPad.

For this, you need to head into the Settings app and navigate your way to General — About and take a look at the model name. Once you know the model name, you can verify it to find out if it is indeed compatible with the Apple Pencil 1 st or 2 nd Generation.There are a dozen different kinds of iPads with a variety of features, from model to screen size and all the storage options. So how do you decide which one to get?

As long-time users and teachers! Let us fill you in and give you our recommendations of the exact one to get depending on your goals. As Amazon Partners, we earn from qualifying purchases. Nothing fancy, and just what you need. Here are the most recent models as of July The iPad Comparison Chart has all the technical details. Good news: all iPads released after are compatible with the latest version of the Procreate app! Other styluses cannot use all the features of Procreate, such as pressure sensitivity that produces thick and thin strokes, which is a must-have for iPad calligraphy and other art.

The inch iPad Pro 1st and 2nd Gen and the Make sure you look at the Apple Support site before purchasing to double-check compatibility with your iPad.

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Get the regular iPad base model. If your main reason for getting an iPad is to use for Procreate, 32GB of storage would be enough. Because it's not as fast as the more expensive models, you might notice a slight lag when writing with the Apple Pencil.

Get the iPad and Apple Pencil. If you plan to use your iPad for many other applications in addition to Procreate, such as taking photos, editing videos, etc. So if you have a little extra room in your budget, the iPad Air gives you a better value for your money than the regular iPad. Get the iPad Air and Apple Pencil. Go with the iPad Mini. It has the smallest screen size 7. Get the iPad Mini and Apple Pencil.

The But, it also comes with the biggest price tag.

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Get the The iPad Pro is extremely fast and powerful, has an amazing liquid retina display, an incredible camera, and you can get up to 1TB of storage. It comes in two screen size options: inch or The newest iPad Pro is so high-tech that you could even use it as a laptop replacement! Get the inch iPad Pro or We got the The current version of Procreate for iPad is 5X Patch 5 5. It requires iPadOS To update Procreate, open the App Store and tap on your profile picture in the top right to access your Account menu.

Tap the Update button next to Procreate to update the app. Many of the additions and changes in the latest version of Procreate are based on the latest iOS technologies. If you have problems updating Procreate, make sure your iOS version is up to date. We do everything we can to make older versions of Procreate available for users running older iPad models, but this is limited by App Store behaviour.

Purchase Procreate as a gift through the App Store, and send the gift purchase to your own email. This will allow you to download a compatible version of Procreate from the Purchased section of your App Store account.

This price may vary based on your region. We used to, but not anymore. The Perspective Guide was previously an in-app purchase, but was integrated for free from Procreate 4. If you're still using Procreate 3, go through the purchase process via the Early Access option in the Canvas menu.

It looks like a purchase, but there won't be any charge. If you experience a crash, let us know via the Procreate Support Form. Take a look at the Procreate Handbook! Check out our Learn to Procreate videos hosted by our in-house illustrator, Will Robinson. Each bite-size tutorial video walks you through an essential feature of Procreate in under two minutes.

The color will flow to the edges of your linework. At this point the option to Continue with Recolor will appear. Recolor is a way to quickly color multiple areas without having to drag the color from the top right corner to the canvas again.

If your color floods beyond the edges of an object, try to adjust the ColorDrop Threshold by holding down after moving your color onto the canvas and swiping left or right. You can now ColorDrop to another layer using the bounds from your Reference Layer. It sounds like your ColorDrop Threshold is set too high. Drag your color from the top right and keep your finger held on the canvas to adjust your Threshold.

Slide it to the left to reduce the amount of area your ColorDrop fills. Procreate will remember your new Threshold setting and apply it to the next fill. Check that you are using your filter in Layers or Pencil mode. If you are using Pencil filters, you must first make a mark before the filter will appear and become active. Layer filters apply the effect across the entire layer of a canvas. Pencil filters are applied only when and where you paint on the layer.

To resize hold on a bottom left or right hand corner and drag to adjust. When you create a new canvas in Procreate or Procreate Pocket, it is created according to the orientation of your device.

If you have your iPad or iPhone in portrait orientation, the canvas will create in portrait, and vice versa for landscape.Loved by creative professionals, Procreate has everything you need to create expressive sketches, rich paintings, gorgeous illustrations and beautiful animations.

Procreate comes with an entire library of brushes with everything from pencils, inks, charcoals, to artistic brushes that lay beautiful painterly textures. Each brush can be customised with the Brush Studio or you can download thousands of brushes to suit any style you can imagine. Paint and draw with any color you can imagine. Simply drag the Color Panel to detach and minimize into the Color Companion.

Procreate is built with touch in mind. Procreate paints fast. Really fast.

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Thanks to the incredible power of the Valkyrie graphics engine, Procreate's brushes move as fast as you draw, paint or sketch. Procreate paints at the blistering speed of fps on supported devices, taking full advantage of Apple's ProMotion technology.

Content that moves, moves people. Animation Assist is the simple but deceptively powerful animation tool that lets you bring your creations to life right inside of Procreate. Get the perfect shape every time with this breakthrough feature. Pick any color and drag it onto the canvas to fill an area. Control threshold with a single gesture. Streamline strokes for smoother curves and less imperfections. Add gorgeous typography to your artwork with powerful type adjustments such as leading, kerning, baseline and more.

You can scale, distort or color your text arrangement for the perfect design. Add gorgeous finishing touches to your work with these stunning digital effects. Redesigned for multi-touch and Apple Pencil, polishing has never been this powerful and this fun. Get granular with finishing the final color balance of any piece with these powerful but easy to use tools.

Adding depth to your artwork is easy with these disconcertingly fast blur effects. Procreate was made for the iPad, to be completely intuitive and touch perfect.

No subscriptions. Just exclusively from the App Store.

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Products Procreate What's new. Procreate Pocket. Community Join now.To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I'm going to buy my daughter an iPad 3rd gen, simply because she wants to tune her artistic side. Posted on May 21, PM. Page content loaded. There may still be an older iOS 9.

Also the iPad 3 was discontinued in and is no longer being updated by Apple. It cannot be updated beyond iOS 9. Its really not the best thing to buy at this time.

Perhaps an iPad Air 1 or iPad Air 2 may be a better choice. Those can run iOS 12, and as such can run the newest version of Procreate. May 21, PM. As I said, you may be able to get an older version that will work, but will need to jump through some hoops to get it. If you just want to download the current Procreate version from the App Store with no extra steps, then an iPad Air 1 or later is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also get an iPad Mini 2 or later. Or any of the iPad Pro models. If you only can afford an older iPad, if you find an iPad 4th generation that has, at least, 64 GBs of storage a GBs model may be more preferrable, if you can find onethere are handful of very good drawing apps still available for that model with iOS 10 and earlier.

If your daughter wants to use a smart Bluetooth stylus, similar to, but different from an Apple Pencil, with an iPad 4th generation, the only one I can recommend is the Adonit Pixel purchased from the Adonit Website here. This stylus is compatible from the iPad 4 all the way to the 1st gen, This stylus is compatible with approx.

ipad 2017 procreate

I like Adobe's Sketch. Good support for Apple Pencil, and a lot of tools and things to draw with. May 22, AM. Question: Q: Procreate on a 3rd gen iPad? More Less. Communities Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Wonderkid88 Wonderkid Will pro create work on a 3rd gen iPad? Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: lobsterghost1 lobsterghost1.

Answer: A: Answer: A: No. View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu.

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Loading page content.Designed in response to the artistic possibilities of the iPad[2] it was launched on the App Store iOS in The aim of Procreate is to recreate the natural feel of physical drawingwhile utilising the practical advantages of a digital platform.

It offers over brushes, multiple layers, blend modesmasks4K resolution export of process videosautosaveand many other digital art tools. In addition to raster graphics, this software has limited abilities to edit and render text and vector graphics. Procreate is designed for multi-touch and the Apple Pencil.

PSD format. Currently in version 5. In it received an Apple Design Award[5] and was subject to wide publicity when artist Kyle Lambert 's controversial hyper-realistic Procreate finger painting of Morgan Freeman went viral. In Procreate became one of the top ten bestselling iPad apps on the App Store, [17] rose into the top two in[18] and became the overall bestselling iPad app in Featuring a stripped-back interface designed to work unobtrusively in the compact mobile environment of the iPhoneProcreate Pocket was released to the App Store in December InSavage launched Procreate Pocket 2.

Procreate is also used in-house at Disney [33] and Pixar. Savage Interactive was founded in January by James and Alanna Cuda in response to the announcement of the first iPad. After winning an Apple Design Award in JuneSavage launched Procreate 2 in conjunction with iOS7, adding 4K file support, continuous auto-save, and customisable brushes.

Savage launched Procreate Pocket in December Savage refused these offers on the basis that the company's remote Tasmanian location is a deliberate choice to maintain independence from Silicon Valley politics and culture. As of FebruarySavage employs over 30 staff, and continues to release regular updates and improvements to Procreate and Procreate Pocket. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Raster graphics editing app. List of languages. Savage Interactive. Retrieved May 23,


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